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32 Player Counter-Strike Maps

Half-Life and 32 Player Maps
The Half-Life (and Counter-Strike) server engine supports 32 players. What this means is that a server can support up to 32 players (including spectators) The number of people that can play on a server is determined by the settings used by that server's admin. The admin will usually set this in the command line. For example, here is the command line I use (this goes in the "target" section of the shortcut properties):

C:\serverdoc\serverdoc.exe C:\half-life\hlds.exe +maxplayers 32 -game cstrike +port 27015 -nojoy -noipx -heapsize 250000 +map cs_italy +servercfgfile server.cfg +lservercfgfile +mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt +motdfile motd.txt +logsdir logs -zone 2048

here's the items in detail:

C:\serverdoc\serverdoc.exe - I use server doc to keep the server running. if the server crashes, serverdoc will automatically restart it

C:\half-life\hlds.exe - this is the path and filename of hlds, the Half-Life dedicated server

And the HLDS options can be in any order:

+maxplayers 32 - the max players for the server

-game cstrike - the mod to use

+port 27015 - the port to use

-nojoy - turn off joystick support on the server (clients can use joysticks - this maybe just makes the cpu footprint a tiny bit smaller because it won't listen on the joystick port)

-noipx - turn off NetWare IPX support (not necessary unless playing on a NetWare LAN)

-heapsize 250000 - use 250 MB RAM (if you have that much - it doesn't seem to need more)

+map cs_italy - the map to start on (pick a good one! it will be the most common map)

+servercfgfile server.cfg - the name of the server.cfg file

+lservercfgfile - not used for a dedicated server

+mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt - the name of the map list file

+motdfile motd.txt - the name of the message of the day file

+logsdir logs - the name of the log directory

-zone 2048 - i think this causes it not to crash when it gets a long console line? not sure

Map Limitation

Most Counter-Strike maps only have 20 "spawn" points, meaning physical locations where people appear on the map when a round starts. These locations are stored as X,Y,Z coordinates in the .BSP file on the server - they are ignored by the client.

If two people spawn within 128 map units of each other, one of them will die - this is called a "telefrag."

Some maps are created to support 32 players - this just means they have 16 spawn points per team. You can have a "20 player" map (meaning it has the standard 20 spawn points) on a 32 player server, but 12 people will die at the start of every round.

There are some maps that seem to have hard-coded limits to the number of players that can play. I don't know how or why this happens, but even with added spawn points, the 23rd player (and any others) will be told "All Teams are Full."

The important things to remember when you add spawns are:

  • keep spawns 128 units away from each other (minor overlap is allowed but shouldn't be risked - usually it causes telefrags)
  • put the new spawn points in the "buy" zone because otherwise players spawning in those locations won't be able to buy anything
  • keep them 1-3 units away from walls/boxes/any solid entity or they will be stuck and unable to move.

Server Admins:

OK so, you want some 32 player maps? Remember, these are for servers only - you don't need these versions to play on a 32 player server. If you still want a 32 player version of a map, read on.


These maps are 32 players by default:

  • cs_aztec
  • de_dust
  • de_dust2
  • de_inferno
  • de_cbble
  • de_vertigo


These maps are NOT 32 PLAYER COMPATIBLE (in other words, don't waste your time). I don't know how or why, but no matter how many spawn points are in the map, they do not let more than 22 people join. Very sad, as all 3 are great maps :(

  • cs_alpin
  • de_dawn
  • cs_office (as of CS 1.1)

How To Edit Maps to Add Spawns Summary:
1. download ripent
2. use ripent to export an .ent file from the .bsp file
3. add spawns to the .ent file (or download a pre-made .ent file)
4. use ripent to import the .ent file back into the .bsp file
that's it! :)

First of all, look in our 32 player Entities Collection to see if we have an .ent file for your map. if so, download it and ripent -import it (see below) and your map will have 32 spawns and be ready to use. If your map is not in the list, send an email request with .zip of map .bsp file, and reason why you think it would be a good 32 player map, or get ready to edit it yourself.

Step 1. Ripent -export:Use ripent, in Zoner's Tools from http://halflife.gamedesign.net/resources/zhlt.shtml, to generate an .ent for your map. For example,


ripent -export de_dust.bsp

creates a text file called de_dust.ent


Step 2. Edit Spawns To edit your own spawn points, use a text editor to edit spawnpoints in the .ent file.

Spawnpoints look like this in the .ent file:

"origin" "272 1584 44"
"angles" "0 0 0"
"classname" "info_player_start"

CT spawn points have "classname" of info_player_start, while T spawnpoints are identified by classname info_player_deathmatch:

"origin" "128 -928 60"
"angles" "0 0 0"
"classname" "info_player_deathmatch"

There will be one entry like that for every point, so there will be 10 of each type for a normal 20-spawnpoint map. Find them by searching for info_player - some 3rd party maps are screwy. I have seen custom maps with 9 T spawns and 12 CT spawns, for example. Oilrig actually has 20 or so T spawns for some reason, some of which are RIGHT NEXT TO the ct spawn area. You can fix errors like this the same way you add spawns - just edit the .ent file.

Step 3. Find new spawn locationsThis is tricky. There are a few ways to do this, depending on the map and the changes you want to make. The most straighforward is to load the map in a single-player C-S game, and go through every spawn location like this:

  • Spawn
  • look straight down and spray logo - DO NOT MOVE
  • kill yourself (type kill in console or bind a key to it)

Repeat until you spawn on top of your logo - now you have identified all the current spawn locations. Note:It helps to have a custom logo that is a circle 128 units wide for this. Now walk around and find 6 (or howeever many) new spawns that are inside the buy zone (so you can still see the shopping cart) but aren't within 128 units of the existing spawns. Don't forget to look in 3 dimensions - on top of crates, etc. When you have found a good spot, mark it with your logo, and hit the status key (you did bind a key to status, didn't you?). Write down the x,y,z coords and add 5 to the z (so that you don't spawn into the floor). If you are up against an object - wall, crate, whatever - back up a hair or give yourself a couple units of slack. Do this enough times until you have 16 spawns for both teams.

Sometimes a map will be so small you can't fit all 16 players in. You can actually spawn someone on someone else's head (i did this with de_box) by adding 128 to the z coordinate but it looks dumb and i don't recommend it.

another technique: sometimes in a tight area you can't tell if you have 128 units between spawns. In this case, I recommend using WinBSPC to convert the .bsp to .map - then load the .map into worldcraft and locate the spawns that way. You can't recompile the map - just write down the x,y,z coords like you did when you were in the map.


Step 4. Add SpawnsNow go back to the .ent file, copy existing spawns and replace the x,y,z coords with your new numbers. You can ignore the origin - that just has to do with which direction players will be facing. I have only had to edit that once, because it was confusing players.


Step 5. Ripent -importOnce you have added the additional spawn points, save the .ent file, and import the entity information back into the .bsp like so:

ripent -import de_dust.bsp

Your .bsp will now have 32 spawn points. Put it in your server's cstrike/maps directory and you're ready to go!

If you are high-tech, you could load the map with bots and test your spawns but that's too complicated for me - i just put the map on my server and test it on LIVE PEOPLE! hehehe


NOTE: the client DOES NOT need to download the modified map. Clients are told by the server the co-ords of where to spawn.

Any questions? Email me.


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